How It Works


Hands Free Online Fundraising – The Coolest Fundraising Idea!

Our online fundraising system is completely automated. You get access to your very own webpage where you can track the progress of your fundraising. All you have to do is register your organisation and advertise your fundraiser. Not only your parents but also their families, friends, etc can order directly with us and you will receive 20% commission on any sales. This means that you do not have to handle orders & money or hand out orders when they arrive. Everything is done for you. Also because your fundraiser can be ongoing you can benefit from peak sales times like Christmas.

Getting Started

To start your Kaboodle Bags fundraiser all that you need to do is register your organisation.

How it works


1. Sign up and receive a Free sample

2. Advertise our online fundraiser to your parents

3. Earn money each time they, their families, friends, etc order online

Remember—there is absolutely No Risk, No Cost and No Work!

1.  Register for your fundraiser on our Register Fundraiser link and select an admin Username & Password. We will include your organisation in our Registered Fundraisers list.

2.  Promote your fundraiser to your parents. Let them know to select your organisations name via the Support Fundraiser link on our website.

3.  Your parents can shop normally on our site and commission will be automatically calculated on their order. Their orders will be shipped directly to them.

4.  Track your sales and your commission via the Administer fundraising link on our website. Your commission will be paid to you at the end of your fundraiser or by request if you choose for your fundraiser to be ongoing.

You will receive 20% or up to $5.00 for each bag sold.